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Indoor Positioning System (IPS)

Location Analytics

ZH Solutions

Location Analytics.

Improve the flow of people & things

in your facility.

Indoor Positioning

shine a light into

location-aware data.


right where you need it.

What we do:

ZH Solutions delivers on the promise of the Internet of Things (IoT)– communicating the location, status and condition of people and things in and around your facility. We combine ambient data with other valuable data in real-time to foster interactions between you and your customers. 

How we do it:

Our platform combines proprietary Wayfinding, Indoor Positioning, and Machine Learning capabilities with advanced analytics and operational intelligence. We curate the data clutter to predict & prescribe the next steps for your business. We present real-time results in a location aware context for maximum benefit.

Why we’re better:

ZH Solutions is the most cost-effective choice on the market today. We use a tenth of the number of beacons our closest competitors use, making it much easier to implement and manage. Our platform uses self-learning software and predictive analytics – the more you use it, the more accurate it gets.

Industries we operate in:





ZH’s intelligent sensor network sends “exception” data into analytics-driven applications, triggering the most appropriate actions for your business.

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